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石川直樹氏 フォトワークショップ「鎌倉芳太郎と記録 〜フィールドワーク第1弾 池戸〜」

東川賞受賞作家 ワークショップのお知らせ


フォトワークショップ「鎌倉芳太郎と記録 〜フィールドワーク第1弾 池戸〜」

石川直樹氏 フォトワークショップ「鎌倉芳太郎と記録 〜フィールドワーク第1弾 池戸〜」_b0187229_17230380.jpg




鎌倉芳太郎と記録 〜フィールドワーク第1弾 池戸〜
参加費:無料 / 募集期間:11月27日(月)まで

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マイケル・ケンナ氏 展覧会「Collecting Light, Photographs 1973 – 2023」

東川賞受賞作家 展覧会のお知らせ

The Center for Photographic Artにて、マイケル・ケンナ氏の展覧会が開催中です。

Collecting Light, Photographs 1973 – 2023

マイケル・ケンナ氏 展覧会「Collecting Light, Photographs 1973 – 2023」_b0187229_17172782.jpg

The Center for Photographic Art is proud to present Collecting Light: 1973-2023, a solo exhibition by renowned photographer Michael Kenna. In celebration of Michael’s fiftieth year as a photographer, CPA partnered with Nazraeli Press to create this retrospective exhibition which includes some of the artist’s most beloved images as well as some that may not be as familiar! We’re honored that Michael will be here in person to discuss his career and sign copies of his latest beautiful monograph.

About the book:
In celebration of Michael Kenna’s fiftieth year as a photographer, Nazraeli Press is thrilled to announce the publication of Michael Kenna: Photographs and Stories. This gorgeous new monograph, beautifully printed on Japanese Kasadaka paper and bound in custom deep blue cloth, is limited to 2,000 casebound copies. It is published in association with the Center for Photographic Art to coincide with a traveling exhibition opening at their historic Carmel, California exhibition space in November 2023.

Kenna has selected one image for each year beginning 1973 (when he enrolled in the Banbury School of Art, right after leaving seminary boarding school) and for each subsequent year. Following the “Photographs” section is “Stories”, in which Kenna writes a brief text about each photograph in the book, and how the making of it related to his own life’s situation at the time.

Michael Kenna is arguably the most influential landscape photographer of his generation. Often working at dawn or during the night, he has concentrated primarily on the interaction between the ephemeral atmospheric conditions of the natural landscape, and human-made structures and sculptural mass. Over ninety books and catalogs have been published on his work. His exquisite, hand crafted, silver gelatin prints have been exhibited throughout the world and are included in such permanent museum collections as The National Gallery, Washington, D.C.; The Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai; and The Victoria and Albert Museum, London. In 2022, Mr. Kenna was made an Officer in the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture.

“This book is a journey, navigating places foreign and familiar, winding through black and white scenes full of spacious calm. It is a great pleasure to look at these images, to feel that maybe everything is going to be alright after all, that the world isn’t such a bad place, and magic still exists. There is a reassuring quality to these photographs, and I, for one, am grateful for Michael Kenna’s half century of watching the light and recording his vision.”
— From the Introduction by Ann Jastrab

About the artist
Michael Kenna’s mysterious photographs, often made at dawn or in the dark hours of night, concentrate primarily on the interaction between the natural landscape and human-made structures. Kenna is both a diurnal and nocturnal photographer, fascinated by light when it is most pliant. With long time-exposures, which might last throughout the night, his photographs often record details that the human eye is not able to perceive.

Kenna is particularly well-known for the intimate scale of his photography and his meticulous personal printing style. He works in the traditional, non-digital, silver photographic medium. His exquisitely hand crafted black and white prints, which he makes in his own darkroom, reflect a sense of refinement, respect for history, and thorough originality.

During Kenna’s fifty year career, his photographic prints have been shown in almost five hundred one-person exhibitions and over four hundred group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the world. They are also included in well over a hundred permanent institutional collections. Ninety monographs and exhibition catalogs have so far been published on Kenna’s work. To see more of Kenna’s work, visit his website. >

About the publisher
Nazraeli Press was founded by Chris Pichler in Munich, Germany in 1990. In 1997, the press moved to the United States and in 2002 opened a subsidiary in the United Kingdom. Nazraeli Press has published over 600 titles on the fine and applied arts, with an emphasis on contemporary photography. To learn more about Nazraeli Press, please visit their website. >

Exhibition on view: November 11 – December 10, 2023
Reception and Book Signing: November 18, 4:00 – 6:00pm CPA Gallery
This exhibition is generously supported by Jacki Horton and The Weston Gallery.

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森村泰昌氏 展覧会「Au Passage(オ パサージュ)人の個展-競馬場のパサージュにて」

東川賞受賞作家 展覧会のお知らせ

京都競馬場 ステーションサイド 3階展示コーナーにて開催中の展覧会「Au Passage(オ パサージュ)人の個展-競馬場のパサージュにて」に、森村泰昌氏が出展しております。

Au Passage(オ パサージュ)人の個展-競馬場のパサージュにて

森村泰昌氏 展覧会「Au Passage(オ パサージュ)人の個展-競馬場のパサージュにて」_b0187229_14212047.png




これを記念して、京都を代表する4名の芸術家、西野陽一氏・森村泰昌氏・八木明氏・山本容子氏による美術展「Au Passage(オ パサージュ)4人の個展―競馬場のパサージュにて」を京都競馬場にて開催します。




〒612-8265 京都府京都市伏見区葭島渡場島町32

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尾仲浩二氏 写真展「10 Days」

東川賞受賞作家 展覧会のお知らせ

ギャラリー街道にて、 尾仲浩二氏の写真展が開催中です。

10 Days

 尾仲浩二氏 写真展「10 Days」 _b0187229_14103025.png
 尾仲浩二氏 写真展「10 Days」 _b0187229_14122990.png

2023年 11月11日(土)、12日(日)、18日(土)、19日(日)
ギャリー街道 164-0001 東京都中野区中野5丁目14-5 ハウスポートB1F

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東川賞受賞作家 展覧会のお知らせ






寫眞館GELATIN/福川 孝/山田谷直行/中藤毅彦

時間:13:00~19:00 ※休廊無

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Higashikawa photo Award

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